Uses 8 times less water than other, comparable solutions

For everyone

For 1, for 2, for all the family

Grows quickly

Grows 20% more quickly than a standard sprouter

Single-use water

The seeds are watered exclusively with pure water

20 cents

This is the average cost of a portion of sprouted seeds

Patented technology

An exclusive innovation

Easy raw food at home, for everyone !


How it works ?


Sprouted seeds

in a few, key figures
varieties of different seeds to discover
increase in vitamin concentrations
the average cost of a portion of sprouted seeds

Our seed blends

Isn't it awesome?


Composition : Black radish, Daikon radish, Fenugreek

Benefits : detoxifying, draining, spicy, peppery

A powerful, spicy taste that will add character to all your favorite dishes and salads. Sensational cuisine!


Composition : Pink radish, Rocket, Red clover

Benefits : fresh, spicy, draining, energy

A fresh, spicy taste that will perfume your preparations and give them a hot, Oriental flavor.


Composition : Mustard and Pink radish

Benefits : anti-oxidant, detoxifying, spicy

A marked, spicy taste that will add surprising character to your dishes, salads and appetizers.


Composition : Alfalfa, Red clover, Broccoli, Red cabbage

Benefits : vitality, helps with digestion, fresh and crunchy

A sweet, refreshing taste that will replace your green vegetables, or combine with them perfectly.


Composition :Alfalfa, Purple plum radish, Fennel

Benefits : aniseed flavor, fresh, anti-oxidant, tonic

A fresh, perfumed taste that will perfectly accompany your salads, raw vegetables, fish, and other dishes that are reminiscent of summer.


Composition : Lentils, Spelt, Wheat, Oats

Benefits : sweetness, energy

A subtle, sweet-salty taste for this fresh, crunchy blend which will fill you full of energy and can be used to accompany all types of dish.

Sprouted seeds

A new nutritional trend ?

Not really…
Many centuries ago, the Chinese and Egyptians were already eating them in a wide range of traditional dishes

Their wealth of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, enzymes and biologically active substances, make them an excellent choice for fighting against dietary deficiencies.

In addition, as they contain enzymes that help digestion, they can easily be assimilated by our bodies.

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More and more consumers

Seeds have also been recognized for their high fiber content, which helps digestion, and their anti-oxidants, which help slow down the premature ageing of tissues.

Finally, seeds are particularly effective for fighting against a wide range of illnesses, strengthening the immune system, and building up reserves of vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Eating a range of sprouted seeds provides the body with many vitamins (B, C, D, E, G, K, and U), as well as provitamins.

Another advantage is that sprouted seeds allow you have a very varied diet at a very low cost. One portion of sprouted seeds costs less than 20 Dollars cents!


Our recipes

Discover all our recipes sprouts bio and customized!


Provides real Choice

We live in a modern world, one where people have a lot of opportunities for expressing their individual lifestyles. What shall we do? What shall we wear? Where do we live? What should we buy? What should we eat? Whom do we listen to? With whom do we laugh? What is important to us?

All these options oblige us to make wise decisions – to step back and consider: How can I get a life that includes what is personally most important to me?
Time & space are often limiting factors, and we should make the most of our limited resources – both globally and individually. So let’s take matters into our own hands!

We believe

Daily contact with nature is a basic source of human well-being and vitality – that’s why we bring nature to your home, and your home to nature…

The joy of working in the garden, feeling the sun and wind on your skin, watching the wonders of nature, etc. are, for the most part, powerful childhood memories, but they are often in contradiction with our daily life in urban areas and small apartments.

We think

Modern, self-aware consumers should be given the opportunity to integrate a ”greener lifestyle“ into their urban environment: both their homes and their nutrition.

Home-grown organic products (such as seeds and herbs) provide a variety of incredibly delicious tastes. They help us eat healthier and – because they are grown at home – the process is more down-to-earth and fun. It is all done in a clever, convenient and contemporary manner.

We embrace

The modern digital lifestyle and technological innovation, but, at the same time, we use this technology to provide a simple, authentic and balanced approach to reconnecting ourselves with the energy nature provides, and the traditional ingredients/benefits it provides our body and soul.

We enable our consumers to learn about these products, discover delicious recipes and share their new organic culinary experiences with their friends and families.

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